The Micro Forecast: Data Portability

I want to put my flag in the ground now: data portability apps, the applications that allow your profile information and activity to be shared between sites, will become a fundamental part of social networking in 6 months to a year.  Right now, Facebook is awash in third party apps that will share some information between two accounts, but dependability and actual usefulness varies a lot.  The best apps are coming from partnerships where both halves support a lot of activity.  Equal in my heart are the Flickr and the Vimeo Facebook Connect apps, which automatically update my Facebook page with my uploads and *some* activity from the other sites.  I see them working out a lot of the kinks (like they delay of several hours to update between the two) fairly rapidly, and a strong following developing from socnet users who are currently becoming overwhelmed by multiple online identities and trying to share information among all their associated networks.

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