OK Computer, I’ll Pay for Music

First, I have to point out that it’s very hard to write at the moment because the people across the street have a motion-activated cackling witch.  There is comic irony in how motion sensors are probably primarily used in home security systems, and this one will be the most likely cause of considerable property damage.  By me.

Earlier, I was thinking out loud about Joss Weidon’s Dr. Horrible.  It continues to tickle all of my marketing ticklie bits because, well, they’re selling something that’s free.  Can a product be so good that you can sell it to people who can get it for nothing with equal ease and quality?  Apparently!

Today, Radiohead released its numbers for its “pay what you want” experiment, In Rainbows.  With many caveats- they’re a huge band, Radiohead’s listeners are likely more conscious of the debate around recording labels, buying the album was a way to take part in the experiment, etc. – it worked.  They made more on the album during it’s online-only period (where one could download it for free OR one could pay), than they have earned to date for all sales their previous album, Hail to the Thief.  And there were more BitTorrent downloads than purchases.  The business model is facinating, but I’m not yet an expert on business models.  It’s just a rare, remarkable thing that someone created a product that was so good, people actually wanted it.

While I ponder upon this a little more, you can read all the details on Mashable.

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