Freeze ray. Tell your friends.

The idea of the Dr. Horrible DVD makes me so happy I could almost pee.  Joss got all Web 3.0 with this project by trying to prove that he could succeed where other artists lifted their skirts and got sodomized by internet pirates (yarrrgh!) and politely ask people not to pirate his work.   I haven’t yet found any numbers on how much money he’s made by selling the series on iTunes, but since the Army of Nerdiness hasn’t rebelled yet I’d assume they’re all forking over their $6 for it.

All of this is stuff anyone who’s seen Dr. Horrible already knows, or could find a better explanation of from the creator on the site.  What’s interesting now is that in developing the DVD, he’s gone old school.

We do the weird stuff.

We do the weird stuff.

The ELE is taking submissions, with acceptance amounting to inclusion in the DVD.  A freaking contest!  User generated content!  Part of the Dr. Horrible premise was to do it cheap, and they are.  Ok, I’m being cynical, and I ought not to be.  I just saw [title of show] yesterday, and it’s apparent that the world has probably never been more ready to for more meta-musical.  I’ve been burned by so-called DVD extras that were total crap, so I may be a little protective of a concept that had its strength in being so precise.

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  1. Your favorite person ever says:

    I think now is an excellent time for you to shed this persona of Amy Litt and become, once and for all, Spunky Fury.

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